Faye MaloneyKickboxing, Dance and Personal Training

"I started working with Faye to increase my overall fitness. I found exercise boring and found it very difficult to find something I enjoyed, and could stick to. I really enjoyed the kick boxing, it was very different to the dance classes which is what I usually go for. Faye was very patient. She talked me through what to do, and there was lots of stretching so I didn't get injured or feel stiff the next day. Over time my fitness improved a lot. I was able to do a 5 k run which I wouldn't have considered doing before. I couldn't even run for a bus! During a training session Faye kept everything varied, I wasn't doing any one thing for long enough to get bored. An hour session went really quickly, and Faye always gave me things to do that were within my limits while increasing my fitness. After a month of 2, I found myself wanting to do more exercise and Faye talked to me about what to do. She even encouraged me to go to a kick boxing class when she was away. I did this and for the first time went to an exercise class feeling confident that I wouldn't make a fool of myself. I now do about 2 hours of exercise a week, sometimes more. I would never have been able to increase my fitness level to do this on my own. I would highly recommend Faye, she has been a pleasure to work with."

— Hayley

"Faye is everything I look for in a kickboxing trainer. She is very technical, each week is never the same, she adjusts the class according to my fitness level and makes the lesson interesting. Most of all it is fun and never boring.
The net result is that my fitness flexibility and technique have all improved."

— Philip

"Training with Faye has been brill. Kickboxing is the perfect combination of cardio and conditioning training and it leaves you feeling so good. An hourís training goes really quickly and although Iím left feeling exhausted and really well worked by the end of it, part of me always wishes it could last for another hour! Iíve only been doing it for a couple of months but can definitely see an improvement from when I first started. Aside from the fact that Iím getting fitter, stronger, more toned and more flexible, Iíll be carrying it on for a long while yet as itís just so much fun"

— Jenny

"Faye is a highly motivational, effective and personable kickboxing instructor, with a strong motivational, supportive and challenging teaching style and whose classes are well-structured, varied and enjoyable. Her technical kickboxing ability is very strong and I very much look forward to my weekly sessions - which Faye flexibly arranges around my busy working schedule - after which I feel highly energised and with a sense of personal accomplishment.
My training with Faye has substantially increased my fitness, flexibility and energy levels. I would highly recommend kickboxing in general - and Faye's teaching in particular - as a highly effective way to establish and maintain a healthy body and mind."

— Matt