Faye MaloneyKickboxing, Dance and Personal Training

Personal training

Faye’s holistic approach is a balance between exercise, nutrition and well-being – an approach in which she aims to stimulate both the mind and body. Based on an individual client's specific health and fitness needs, Faye will create a set of achievable but challenging goals from which she will develop the training programme. Then, working with flexibility, strength, power, muscular endurance, core stability and postural alignment, she will help the client to get the full results of an effective training regime. Faye can also provide advice on healthy eating and help with weight management. Her only concern is that her clients get results.

Sports Massage

Sports massage leads to improved circulation which aids cell nutrition, increases elasticity of muscle fiber and reduces recovery time. Faye is a certified sports massage therapist and at the end of each training session encourages the use of deep muscle massage to release tension or stress caused due to physical activity. Massage has also been shown to reduce levels of anxiety and help stimulate a sense of well being.