Faye MaloneyKickboxing, Dance and Personal Training

Faye demonstrating a high kick

Faye Maloney is a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Kickboxing Instructor. Currently based at Physical Arts Dojo on London's South Bank, Faye is a member of WAKO (World Assocation of Kickboxing Organisations) and has been on the British Kickboxing team since 2003.

Faye strives to deliver an effective yet enjoyable training program specific to fitness needs and requirements. Passionate about helping her clients achieve their goals and get real results – whether it's training in the dojo, outdoors or at home, all programs are bespoke to the indivdual.

Faye is able to offer training to all levels from beginners to advanced fitness levels.

"Teaching requires a sensitive mind with great flexibility. Above all, a teacher does not depend on a method and a systematic routines; instead they study each indivdual student and awakens them to explore themselves, both internal and external and ultimately integrate themselves with their being. Such teaching which is really no teaching, requires a sensitive mind with great flexibility and is difficult to come by nowdays."

— Bruce Lee, Striking Thoughts